Teammates Reunite for Last Game Against Each Other

As we all know Uniontown and Laurel Highlands is a big rivalry in Fayette County. Every time these teams play each other, it’s a big deal. But for me that’s not always the case. Growing up I played with a lot of people from different schools on soccer teams. The most memorable team would have to be Fayette United. Many kids from both of these schools played on this team. And there were other kids from other schools but it was mostly kids from the Uniontown area schools.

We all grew up playing in the in house league that is for young kids to get into soccer at a young age. We then got older and all found a certain place in our hearts for soccer. So when we were old enough we all played for the travel team. We won our division multiple years in a row ,rarely losing a game. Once we grew out of travel soccer and got even better at the game we all love. We decided to go to the next level.

Some of us split up, but some stayed together. At first many of us went to Foothills Soccer club. From there the club was bought out by another owner and the club was never the same, so we split up even more. Now we all play high school soccer, either together or on different teams. We all root for each other, but we always want to win. Every time we play each other it is a competitive game, but also a fun one. But for many of us. Last night would be the last time we all played against each other. I wish all of my former teammates the best in their future plans. #17out

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