That’s What They Said

Girls and boys have different opinions about each other and relationships. A recent poll was taken around the high school to see what students like and don’t like in a relationship. First, girls were asked “At first glance, what catches their eye?’ Most of them said something about a good smile and cleanliness. As far as personality goes, a majority of the girls like boys that are funny but can be serious. In a serious relationship, girls said in their free time, they would like to hang out and watch movies at home, go to eat, or “simply have a conversation” as Monica Ellington mentioned. A list of first dates the girls brought out are dinner and a movie, mini golfing, go-cart riding, bowling, or “being spontaneous and not choosing things because they don’t like planned dates”-Haley Campbell. Out of all the girls in the poll, none of them liked pick-up lines. “They are corny. Just be yourself ” says Jessica Lawson.

The boys had similar questions. When asked what a good quality in a girl would be, the favored answer was faithfulness followed by fun, athletic, honest, and pretty. For most, the place where they would take a girl on their first date is “anywhere they want”-Christian Kezmarsky. But others said dinner at a nice restaurant or a movie night at home. They were asked how they kept a relationship going. The majority said “keeping her happy”-James Rabon, along with staying fun. And for pick up lines boys agreed with the girls, they don’t use any. “I don’t need any…I’m that good”-Hunter Phelan



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  1. I really love that an article like this was posted on Tomahawk Talk. I feel that these types of articles will spark in interest to become involved within the student body. I check the online newspaper every day in first period, and I really enjoy how well constructed it is. The newspaper is very easy to navigate through and I’m able to read the announcements that I was unable to hear in my homeroom. Great job with the site and I look forward to seeing more posts in the future!
    -a Senior

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