The 1914 Christmas Truce

During WWI as Christmas was coming many soldiers were experiencing Christmas for the first time away from their families. Many hoped that the war would be over by then but the war wouldn’t end for another 3 years. The soldiers of both sides did receive gifts from their family’s as a way to bring Christmas to the trenches. During this many soldiers from both sides were tired from the western front. This was not the only unofficial cease fire Christmas event during the Great War.

On Christmas British soldiers heard German soldiers singing Silent Night then after a bit they joined in on the singing. Next, Both sides began shouting Merry Christmas to each other. In the morning British soldiers noticed German Soldiers crossing No Mans Land at first they thought it was a trick, but was put aside when they saw they were unarmed. Soon after the British did the same and both sides meet each other shaking hands, saying Merry Christmas, gave presents to each other, played soccer, and buried the dead. Sadly this wasn’t everywhere on the Western Front and some were even unhappy about it. This was the only time this happened in the war.

Some of the truces even lasted until new years. These truces were a moment of peace during the war. This truce inspired the Easter Sunday truce of 1915. This shows that enemies can become friends during a war. I believe that this truce was one of the only few good things to happen in those hard times.

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