The Afterlife of Covid-19 : A Morticians View

Do you ever think, what happens after you die from the corona virus? If so, I have an answer. Stacey and Eric Dolfi own the Thomas M. Dolfi Funeral Home here in Uniontown. They said this has been the busiest year for their company yet. So what happens essentially? Your body is in the worst shape it has ever been. Many people who are diagnosed and pass away from COVID do not look like they do normally. Their skin turns a different color, they swell very much, and even your facial features don’t look the same. You can tell if someone has passed from the virus. Which takes me on to, people trying to put cause of death as the virus when it wasn’t. Staceys grandmother passed naturally in July of 2020, she had to fight to make sure COVID was not put as the cause. 

Going to pick up the deceased is done differently now. You have to wear full PPE, to protect your self from something lifeless. The Dolfi’s are in their second generation of funeral directors and still have never seen something like this until now. You may think when you pass the sickness diminishes in the air, but it doesn’t. Scientists are saying it takes 24-48 hours to leave, it is not confirmed yet though. 

At the start of the pandemic funerals only could be held with direct members of the family. Fortunately some rules have uplifted and everyone can take their turn to pay their respects. Unfortunately, people are still dying alone, taking their last breath with a healthcare worker instead of family. Loved ones in long term care homes are dying from just simply not seeing the familiar faces they know. Mask up and save lives.

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