The Best Video Game Ever

What is the best game ever? Well, if its the best it should contain a great plot, so to keep the player immersed, a wide variety of playable options, as to help the player never get bored, mechanics that keep the player engaged for the entirety of the game, a rewarding feeling for completing in-game content, and voice actors that really draw the player in.

Borderlands is the best game series, Borderlands 2 is the best game in my opinion, while some like Bl3 (I will be referring to Borderlands 2/3, by Bl2/3 from this point on), we are all people under the same dominion, who all appreciate the mayhem that is the Bl series. In this article, I will be talking about why, I personally, love Bl2 above all else, and what the Bl series is about.

In Borderlands 1, you can choose from 4 characters: Lilith, Roland, Brick, and Mordecai. Each possessing a different play style, but all out for the same goal, a Vault. Roland as a soldier who has a turret he can deploy for cover that helps fend enemies off. Mordecai is a Sniper who has a pet bird, Bloodwing, that has the wingspan the size of Mordecai, Bloodwing can help fend off enemies, pick up items, and help buff him. Brick is figuratively what his name would imply, a human-like brick, he uses melee to his advantage, getting his enemies faces to give them a good whomp. Lilith is a Siren who has the ability to Phasewalk, which causes an explosion when entering and exiting phasewalk, additionally it gives her extra speed, only 6 sirens can exist at one time. The characters set out to find a Vault, which they find very quickly, the game can be beaten in about 4-5 hours.

Now Borderlands 2, it is much more in Depth, it features again 4 Vault hunters, with the exception of 2 other add-on characters, the main 4 characters are Axton, Zero, Salvador, and Maya. Axton, just like Roland, has a deployable turret that can help him in combat, a formidable mid-range assault rifle user . Zero is a melee/sniper user, who only ever speaks in perfectly formed haiku’s, and has the ability to deceive enemies into thinking he vanished by deploying a clone of himself merely taunts the enemies, great at close or long range. Salvador is the easy mode of the game, he is the gunzerker, meaning he has the ability to use 2 guns at once, whether it be a sniper rifle and a rocket launcher, it doesn’t matter, Salvador is good any time as long as you use common sense. Maya is a Siren, who has the ability to phaselock, which lock’s the targeted enemy in the air, Maya prefers SMG’s as she is great at dishing out damage very quickly, Maya is a great choice as a healer or just to control the battlefield. The story of BL2 to put it as short as possible, features a guy named Handsome Jack who already has the Vault key, and is performing Eridium mining operations, Eridium is a priceless alien mineral, that seems to have a correlation between Sirens and the Vaults. Jack, who is using his daughter, Angel, to charge the Vault key, Angel is a siren capable of hacking any electronic with her mind. You, the Vault Hunter must try to stop Jack, but of course like all stories with a villain, Jack opens the Vault which isn’t a cache of weapons or Eridian technology, rather it is a living, breathing being called The Warrior, that obeys whoever wakes it, and you guessed it, Jack wakes it, and its your job as the Vault Hunter to stop it. I would say BL2 contains approximately 10-15 hours of game play. The voice actors in the game are to good, Handsome Jack, the main villain improved a great portion of his lines, or parts of them, so to really engage the player in the game. Each playable character allows the player to play by a variety of different builds, or set-ups. The Borderlands series is also known for containing Easter Eggs that resemble other video games, people, and more.

I won’t talk about BL3’s story and everything else, simply because the game takes an estimated 45+ hours to beat. Which is alot of story and side missions and everything. All I will say is the story develops pretty well, not as magnificent as BL2, there is alot of bugs and glitches the game needs patched, along with some problems the BL community has addressed, and some very favorable characters are killed.


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