The Big Boom in Pittsburgh

New Years in Pittsburgh literally started with a boom. On New Years Day at nearly noon a sonic boom was heard and felt by many people, it was so powerful that houses started to shake.

This was frightening and left many people wondering what happened. After sitting in confusion for hours, the people of Pittsburgh learned that this was caused by a meteor explosion. NASA says that this meteor released around the same amount of energy as 30 tons of TNT!

The meteor was estimated to be going 45,000 miles an hour and weighing in at around 1,000 pounds. A meteor entering the stratosphere at this size may be concerning, but this is extremely common. Meteors like this hit the Earth all the time. Since our Earth is covered mostly with water, they usually land in the ocean and go unreported.

So, if anyone was concerned about meteors, no need to worry because most of them just burn up in our atmosphere.

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