The Caring Team

The Caring Team is an organization here at UHS that helps children and families who are in need.  The National Honors Society, as part of the Caring Team, help to raise money.  The money produced by fundraisers go to causes such as the construction of buildings or to pay for a child’s insurance.

Several fundraisers have taken place this year.  The Caring Team has tagged at sporting events including football, soccer, and basketball.  Bake sales were also hosted here at the high school.  Another fundraiser hosted by the Caring Team was to donate a quarter to have your thumb-print placed on a tree branch.  Around Christmastime, students and teachers assisted the Caring Team in creating donations for Operation Christmas Child.  All the help went to making a child’s Christmas better.

Throughout the school year, the Caring Team has had a great impact on many children and families who are less fortunate.  They have raised money and donations that go towards good causes.  Thanks to the efforts of the Caring Team, the lives of children can be improved.


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