The Conspiracy Of Krampus

Of corse it is coming again around that time of the year Christmas is approaching us. It’s a wonderful holiday that brings together family, and of corse gifts. The old saying of Santa Clause is coming to give presents to all the good kids. As Christmas is a magical holiday it does have some creepy conspiracies such as Krampus. Back in 2015 there was a Christmas movie, but not the ones with the happy endings, romance, and love, this Christmas movie was more of a horror of the legend of Krampus, a German folk lore that has been around for decades.

The history of Krampus is as everyone knows, Saint Nick or Santa Clause, gives out presents to all the good boys and girls. Krampus is the opposite, instead of giving, the folk lore claims he punishes the children that have been bad. Legend has it that around Christmas time, kids have been beaten disappear by Krampus. In the movie, towards the end Krampus kinda gives off that he punishes kids for not being grateful throughout the year or have lost hope in the Christmas spirit.

The Krampus conspiracy has been around for ages and before the folk lore of him being the alter ego of Saint Nick, Catholics have held traditions to get rid of the evil spirit around Christmas time. They have tried to ban Krampus festivals for the resembles of the devil.

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