The Effects of Phone Addiction

Over the past few years, electronics have changed the world. Cell phones alone are easily one of the most used devices, especially by teenagers. Phones have been used so much more since COVID-19 because of social distancing and online school that has recently started.
Even though cell phones can have fun and entertaining aspects, it comes with addiction and many serious problems. Being on a cell phone or any device in general can cause eye strain, neck problems, car accidents, and so many other complications.
The effects of being addicted to your phone are very damaging in some cases. Sleep disorders, depression, and anxiety can all be caused from being on your phone too often. Social skills can be lost along with time with friends and family.
Even if we have to use technology to be able to get our education, we can limit the amount of time spent on our devices to help prevent these problems. So take some time to relax without your devices and enjoy it.

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