The External Dangers of Social Media

The first memorable social media platform is reported to be MySpace helped to popularize games on social media and even helped create some well-known companies such as Zynga which later turned into what we know as Facebook. This opened up a whole new world of technology. The first digital smartphone with texting abilities wasn’t released until 1992. That leaves an 11 year gap before social media became popular. It was a huge thing for people to adapt to, and still is. Now, there are more than 24,000 different types of cell phones. 

Moving on from the history of smartphones, lets talk about social media. As of 2021, there six major platforms that have over a billion active users. Social media has become extremely popular amongst teens in the past decade and some children as young as 6 or 7 years old have access to these sites and apps. Now, is this a good or a bad thing?

At first, social media was a great new thing that only had good intentions and was used for sharing our daily lives with one another. But now, anyone has access to just about anything they can think of, which isn’t always a great thing. But we’re going to discuss the positive outcomes first. You can keep in contact with everyone you love and care about, and can see what everyone is up to on a daily basis. You’re able to share your ideas with people and even learn things. TikTok is a great example of that. You can find cooking tutorials, hair tutorials, and even advice from real medical professionals who have joined the app and wish to share helpful things with people. It lets people find information with the click of a few buttons in their hands. Learning things has never been easier.

Now over the past years, social media has become a very dangerous thing to youth. As I stated before, we have access to just about anything and everything we want. While sometimes that can be a positive things, it is also a very scary thing. A lot of parents are giving devices to their children and they don’t even know what their child is being exposed to. Whether that be graphic pictures, sexual videos, or even things as dangerous as meeting random people on the internet and getting information taken from them. So why are we allowing children to have access to these things? Do you think there is a better way to deal with these major issues that we are facing? Today’s children should not be exposed to things that most adults didn’t know about until they were in their 20’s. A lot of people agree that there should be limits on sites that children and teens can view. No matter how mature these children are, they deserve to have that little innocence saved for a little while longer.

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