The FCCTI SkillsUSA Competition

The Fayette County Career and Technical Institute is having the yearly SkillsUSA competition on Wednesday December 15, 2021. Where students from the surrounding school districts will be gathering to participate and test their skills they’ve learned throughout the year(s) from their tech school. They will partake in one or more sets of challenges to test their skills.

The SkillsUSA Challenge Programs’ mission is to help students become world class workers and leaders. The competitions are made to improve skills that are used in the workforce. The three skills they work on the most are personal, workplace, and technical skills. These three skills teach students responsibility, work ethic, leadership, self motivation, planning and management, as well as professional development.

The SkillsUSA Challenge Program is a great learning experience that will benefit their future. Not only does the program offer skills for the work force, it pushes them to excel while having fun. Best of luck to all the participants!

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