The Four Civilians to go to Space

A group of four civilians recently went on a three-day journey orbiting Earth. This mission was known as Inspiration4. It is the first orbital mission in history to be staffed entirely by tourists. St. Jude was chosen by Inspiration4 to be the center of a fundraiser. Their goal that they passed was to raise $200 million for St. Jude.

The four civilians of Inspiration4 are Jared Isaacman, Hayley Arceneaux, Sian Proctor, and Chris Sembroski. Jared is 38 years old. He is the billionaire founder of payment processing company Shift4 and the one who personally financed the entire mission. On the other hand, Hayley is 29 years old. She is a cancer survivor who is now a physician assistant at the St. Jude in Memphis, Tennessee that treated her.

Also, there is Sian Proctor. She is a 51 year old. She is a geologist and educator that was selected through a post on social media. She’ll be the fourth black women from the U.S. to travel to orbit. Finally, there is Chris Sembroski. He is 42 years old and a Lockheed Martin employee. Together, they are all an inspiration.

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