The Grand Reopening of “Espresso Yourself Café”

As many students know, UHS has its own coffee shop that students can order from during homeroom once a week. It is called “Espresso Yourself Café”, and it is run by Mrs. Hough and her entrepreneurship class. Students used to order and receive their coffee during extended homeroom on Thursdays every week, but with the pandemic in action, we can no longer have large groups of students meeting together in one area every week. So, Mrs. Hough and her team of baristas have made some changes to the function of the coffee shop. Now, we deliver!

Every Wednesday, the assigned class of students along with seniors can purchase coffee at the designated tables during homeroom. The class rotation which determines who can buy coffee goes as follows: seniors and juniors one Wednesday, seniors and sophomores the next Wednesday, seniors and freshmen the Wednesday after that, and then back through the rotation for the following Wednesdays. After students purchase their coffee from the designated areas, they may return to homeroom and attended first period as they usually would.

During first period, the baristas work hard to make all of the coffee orders in the shop, and while they make the coffee, other students in Mrs. Hough’s entrepreneurship class will be delivering them to every classroom. The best part is… there is no delivery fee! So make sure you tune in to the morning announcements every Tuesday to find out if it is your class’s week to purchase coffee, and don’t forget your money on Wednesday morning!

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