The Impact Of Covid-19 On Nurse’s

This year has been hard on doctor’s, nurses, cardiologist’s ,etc. It’s been especially hard for nurses at the beginning of the pandemic. They had to watch innocent people pass away. Sadly not a lot of people have family to comfort them as they pass away. Many patients were alone due to visitor restrictions and nurses would have the sad task of communicating the bad news to the families.

When COVID-19 started nurses tried there best to help patients with so little information on the disease. At the time a lot of hospitals had little supplies like N95 masks, face shields, gloves, etc. Since the Pfizer, Moderna vaccine has been mandated in most Pennsylvania hospitals, many nurses have quit their jobs. Those remaining are now faced with staff shortages.

When COVID-19 had first affected most hospitals in March of 2020 they had only minimal ventilators for patients with COVID-19. Nurses were getting depressed and sleep deprived from having to work long hours. So much stress was put on nurses during these times. Would you wan to be a nurse during the COVID-19 pandemic?

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