The Joe and Jimmy Effect

It should not be surprising when I say, that the baseball team has been less then stellar the past few years. It’s been quite a while, since the Uniontown baseball team has had a winning season. I honestly don’t know the last time our program had a winning season. This year however, something different is happening. I don’t want to jinx it but they’re red hot right now.

Now for the real question, what’s the reason for their success? Are the other teams that bad? The answer is no, Belle Vernon has a good squad. If you didn’t know the boys beat Belle Vernon twice. Belle Vernon is one of the better teams in the section. Their success might be from the two new added members of the coaching staff. The old new guys Jimmy Burns, and the infamous Joe Lapresta.

Could it be Jimmy’s relentlessness when it comes to drills, or Joe’s no “Lollygaggin” attitude. I personally think that it is the both of them. With there 70+ years of combined knowledge, they certainly bring a lot to the table. They both demand perfection or close to it. Quite frankly it doesn’t matter what the reason is and I don’t care, as long as the team keeps winning there will be no complaints.

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