The Journey Of Kate’s Companion

Kate Sennet is a student at AJ McMullen elementary school. Last year Kate received a new dog named Topanga to be trained as a service dog. Kate has an autism spectrum disorder and also has epileptic encephalopathy early infantile four, which is why she needs Topanga. Topanga calms Kate down and helps her during her seizures. Topanga is only a year old and she already has passed phase one which is basic training. Now she is in phase two; in this phase someone comes to their house once or twice a month for training, and they will work with her on the training during the week. When she gets to the more difficult part of the phase, Topanga will go to a school for her training; she will be away for a week. Then in phase three, she will work on disability skills that will train her for seizure alert with deep pressure therapy, and that will help calm Kate down when Kate has her meltdowns.

Kate is very close to Topanga; she is always asking for her when she goes to school. Ever since Topanga was a little puppy she was always calm, and she wasn’t crazy like her siblings. Because Topanga is so calm, it helps Kate be calm. When Topanga lies down, Kate lies down right beside her. After Topanga completes her training she will be able to go everywhere with Kate.

Topanga at 4 weeks old
Topanga at 11 months

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