The Life of William “Bud” Doyle

Bud Doyle was a family man who was always there when you needed him the most. He was a honorable, respectful, and caring person. Most people thought of him as a leader and a fighter for the good. He was a firefighter for Hopwood Engine & Rescue company for a long period of time. He was also a second lieutenant and a life Member for Hopwood. He has a daughter named Amanda and she has a young child. He also had a brother Bob Doyle, he was also in the service of company 20. Both brothers were in the service at both times and They both fought next to each other. From structure fires to family time these brothers never left each others side. First in last out they both came out together safe and sound waiting for the next job.

The Doyle legacy started in Hopwood where both brothers were born and raised. They grew up together and were inseparable, They did various amount of jobs but one stuck with them, firefighting. They found the rush of excitement when tones dropped and they were off and running. They was brought into firefighting by a friend and that’s how it all started. Over thousands of calls these brothers ran all of them as many as they could. They earned the names of the “Route 40 Express”, this was given to them since they both drive rescue 20. Rescue 20 and The Doyle brothers was the full Route 40 express crew. They always carried a tradition of having a set response time and they climbed the chain of command quick. They were well Known by surrounding departments. Sadly the tradition had to come short . Bud Doyle was fighting a long time with bone marrow cancer and he sadly lost his battle. Bud was a hard fighter and Station 20 became his family.

Bud Doyle was a great family member, and will forever be remembered as a fighting hero. He is survived by His daughter Amanda and spouse. His funeral was set on February 14, 2018, this day will forever be in my soul since I watched my best friend get called home for his final call here on earth. Bud Doyle wasn’t just anyone, he was my best friend, role model, and inspiration to join the fire department and continue his legacy in the department. The day of his burial and funeral procession every department within and without city limits came in to join the procession. His last call was set for 12:00pm for his last call here on earth, he was escorted to his resting place by his fellow brothers in the procession in his favorite truck, Rescue 20. That day would be the last day i got to see my best friend and say goodbye for the last time. It was a Honor to join the 15th Company and carry on his legacy of protecting the people of his area. Bud Doyle has served Chief for Hopwood for 13 years with his last call on earth was on February 12th,2018.Bud Doyle was an inspiration to me to become a firefighter for our 15th company and continue the Doyle legacy they started. Bud wasn’t just anyone to me, I was proud to call him my Uncle.

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