The Mandela Effect

Which logo do you remember is the correct one for this cereal? Would it be crazy if I told you the left one is correct. This right here is called the famous Mandela Effect. Let me ask you another question, did Curious George have a tail or no? If you thought yes, you’re wrong. You’re nit the only people that got tricked with this, many people around the world are confused with this as much as you are. The Mandela affect is a phenomenon that a large group of people rememberer something differently than how it occurred.

Many conspiracies believe the Mandela effect is proof of an alternate universe and doctors believe its an illustration of how imperfect memories can be sometimes. There is the most famous Mandela affect with the Berenstain Bears, a popular kids movie and a famous published book. Now do you remember it spelled Berenstain, or Berenstein? Well if you remember it spelled with and e you’re wrong.

This phenomenon is all around us with our favorite board games, movies, and even songs. The biggest movie like from Star Wars is “Luke I am your father” right? Nope, Darth Vader really said “I am your father”. Could this be from a time affect and we were in a parallel universe or is there a good reason behind this? Same with scientist we will never know.

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