The Meaning Behind the May Day Parade

Most people are familiar with the May Day Parade held here in Uniontown, but why do we really have this parade? The May Day parade actually celebrates Americanism Day, or as it is known now, Loyalty Day, which is a day most people don’t know about.

Americanism Day was created in 1934 during the Great Depression after the 1933 local coal strike. The history behind this parade is very interesting. Originally, a group of Communists asked Uniontown State Police if they could host a parade that aligns with the same time of Communist Moscow’s parade. To avoid conflict, police said yes, however it the parade celebrate Americanism Day. Thousands of school children and several different groups and organizations marched in this parade.

Years later, Americanism Day was changed to Loyalty Day, which is a name more familiar now. Loyalty Day celebrates patriotism and confirms our allegiance to our country. Loyalty day also celebrates out armed forces and honors their loyalty and sacrifices they make for our country everyday. Next time you see the parade coming down Main Street, remember the meaning behind it.

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