The MLB Lockout

The 2022 Major League Baseball (MLB) season could be starting later than anyone expected. The MLB normally has opening day on April 1st, this year is could start very later than that. The owners of The MLB implemented the lockout on December 2nd. They made their decision to do the lockout after the last collective bargaining agreement expired.

Since March just started, The MLB started to cancel Spring training games. So far The MLB has cancelled 41 Spring Training games. The MLB plans to keep doing this until the issue is fixed. The issue being luxury tax. Once this is fixed by every team, games will resume.

The luxury tax is for all the money The MLB has. With the luxury tax not being agreed with right now no one can get paid. This all comes from other teams payrolls being higher than other teams payrolls, with the lowest being The Cleveland Guardians at 29 million dollars and the largest being The New York Mets at 248 million dollars. This is the first time The MLB has been in a lockout since 1990.

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