The Negative Effects of Teen Vaping

The E-Cigarette was first introduced in 2003. It’s purpose was to serve as an alternative to smoking cigarettes and a way for people to slowly quit smoking. But since then, it has become a popular thing amongst teenagers. Teen vaping has increased 25% over the past decade. According to a study done in 2018, 1 in 5 teens had reported vaping in the past 30 days. So whether or not you vape, it is more than likely that you know someone who does and is struggling to stop.

Why is vaping so bad for you? While most teens think it is healthier for you to vape rather than smoke cigarettes because of the tobacco, they are wrong. While it doesn’t affect you as negatively as cigarettes studies prove that vaping, in some ways, is worse than smoking cigarettes. Some reasons why are the effects on your blood cholesterol, impact on blood flow, and superheated chemicals.

The reason for vaping being so popular with teens is mainly due to the fact of it being fashionable or trendy. There are really no other reasons for people to start vaping besides the impression that they have to because everyone else. Another reason is that vape companies are actually targeting teenagers in their ads or the new flavors they come out with. While they understand the negative affects of it, big corporations only care about money and how to make more of it.

So, there are really no benefits to vaping. There aren’t any physical affects, like a high, compared to others harmful drugs. While you may think that it isn’t a big deal because it is so normalized, avoiding this harmful trend can save your health in the long run.

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