The Nutcracker 2021

This article is about Bailey Gammon, a senior at Uniontown who is preforming in the Nutcracker.

Bailey has been dancing since she was three years old, she is now 17. She has been training and in the dance studio all year round, almost everyday. This weekend will be her 6th year being in the Nutcracker. In past years she has had roles like a soldier, dragon fly, and a few other things. This year is different though, the reason for that is because Bailey has one of the four lead roles in this classical ballet. Along with her lead role she also will playing a flower.

I asked Bailey how she felt when she found out she would be playing The Snow Queen, she says ” I was pretty excited about it because it is my last year doing the show and I put a lot of extra work so I could be considered for the lead.” I then asked her what she loves so much about dance and she said that she loves the fact that dance can be used to express her emotions freely. I can imagine how nice it would be to be able to do something you love while also being able to express yourself, and free your mind while preforming. Something Bailey says that she appreciates the most about dance is all of the friendships she has made with her fellow dancers along the way, because now she has so many life long friendships.

Congratulations Bailey! The Nutcracker will be next weekend, 17th-19th. Everyone be sure to go support our fellow class mate, Bailey Gammon!

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