The Search for Laundrie

Many of you have social media such as Facebook and tiktok therefore you might of heard of the disappearance and death of gabby petito as well as the current events with her fiancé Brian. The two embarked on a cross country journey when gabby stopped answering calls from her parents. On September 1 Brian returned home without her.

She was later reported missing by her parents on September 11. Laundrie disappeared shorty after on September 14 and was reported missing by his parents on the 17 after telling them he was going on a hike. On October 21 skeletal remains that of a human were found at the Carlton reserve along with clothes and a backpack bringing the nation wide search party to an end. Dental records have confirmed that the remain are those belonging to Mr. laundrie. Reporters have stated that the body had been underwater until recently.

A notebook had also been found amongst the other belongings that may hold answers some say.  Brian was not charged in the death of gabby petito but rather had warrants for using her credit card after her death. Protesters now stand outside of Brian laundries parents house taunting them for protecting their son when he was accused of murder by the internet.

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