The Titanic

The R.M.S Titanic was a ship made in 1912. This ship set sail April 10th, 1912 and it it an ice burg at 11:40 pm. There were 2,200+ passages on bored at this time and they didn’t know anything about it. The captain was warned but did not heed their warnings. The ship took almost 3 hours to sink, going under at 2:20 am, taking 1,500+ people down with it including the captain, Captain Edward J. Smith.

Over time thought, there have been many conspiracy’s surrounding the Titanic. One being, They sunk the R.M.S Olympic to get insurance money off of the Titanic. There is some evidence that could prove this true, being that the port holes on the Titanic changed randomly right before the sail and resemble the Olympic’s port holes. There is, however, one plot hole to the sinking of the R.M.S Olympic, for insurance fraud, is the insurance they would have collected from it’s sinking wasn’t close to the amount the Olympic would have gotten since people believed it as the R.M.S Titanic

The other big conspiracy is the “mummy’s curse.” . William Stead was a passenger on the Titanic who claimed a mummy was causing havoc in London. This made colonialists worry, but Stead happily retold the stories. After the ship went down survivors that heard the stories believed them, and thought the mummy’s was cursing the ship or the mummy was aboard, because it was said to be sold to an american who was taking it home. Though there is no record of there being a Mummy put on bored, people still believe it.

What do you think? Could they have switched the ships and just got the money from the Olympic going down as the Titanic? Could it have been cause by the curse of a mummy? Or was it simply an accident with an ice burg?

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