The Top 10 Foods in America

Here in America we have a very wide selection of food to choose from. From breakfast to lunch to dinner there are so many foods you can choose from. Whether you are a picky eater or eat almost anything there is something on this list you will like.

Coming in at number ten on the list is breakfast sausage. Breakfast sausage is an American staple for breakfast. It can be served with apples, onion, mustard, cabbage, or tomatoes. You can also eat Breakfast Sausage just by itself.

Number nine is chocolate chip cookies. Ruth Wakefield invented the chocolate chip cookie accidentally sometime in the 1930s. Thank goodness she did because I, along with many other Americans really like this cookie!

Number eight on the list is a summertime favorite, s’mores. Gooey, melty, warm, and made around the fire, s’mores are one of the best treats for a summer night!

Number seven is an odd one. It’s the cronut. The Cronut is a croissant and a donut combined. It’s a fried, sugared pastry, and it’s filled with glazed. It’s claimed to be the most-sought-after snack in America.

Number six is a southern favorite, chicken & waffles. The dish originated in America and is perfect if you can’t decide if you want lunch or breakfast. With this dish, you get both!

Half way at number five we have pancakes. Pancakes are a typical American breakfast dish. You can serve pancakes with sausage, fruits, bacon, or eggs!

Number four is my personal favorite food, mac and cheese. Mac and cheese is America’s ultimate comfort food. With noodles and cheese, mac and cheese is creamy goodness.

Number three on the list is the basic hot dog. Hot dogs are an American classic. Grilled on the grill or cooked on the stove, in between its own bun. You can eat them plain or with mustard, ketchup, onions, relish, cheese, or mayonnaise.

Number two is another good one in my opinion, cheesecake. William Lawerence accidentally created cheesecake. It’s a melt in your mouth dessert that can be served with fruits, whipped cream, nuts, or chocolate syrup.

The number one food in America is a burger! it’s juicy meat patty in between a bun and it’s nearly on every restaurant menu in America. You can add cheese, lettuce, onions, mayonnaise, ketchup, mustard, or relish.

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