The Vulnerable: A Collection of Works by Chynna El-Ayazra

Uniontown High school graduate, Chynna El-Ayazra, attended Seton Hill University with a double major in 2D Fine Arts and Art History. Chynna has been focusing on portraiture and figure paintings for the majority of her time at Seton Hill. Here is an excerpt from her artist statement, “I believe that our society is severely lacking in actual human interactions. We go through our days looking but never speaking, staring and always judging, never branching out to ask “how was your day?” We live in our own little bubbles, secluding ourselves and bottling up our emotions, and self medicating to no end. We go through life thinking we are alone, but in reality we have done this to ourselves, trained our hearts to accept loneliness and sorrow as a daily norm.”

While her in person studio show was cancelled due to Covid-19, fortunately her work is displayed in a Virtual Show. Congratulations Chynna, your UHS family is proud of your work.


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