The War in Ukraine

You may not watch the news or a lot of TV, but it is hard to not pay attention when they talk about the war in Ukraine. The president of Russia, Vladimir Putin is an evil, heartless man. He called for the war in Ukraine and they invaded on February 24th. The two countries have been fighting since the 2014 Revolution of Dignity.

The war has been going on for more than a month. The Russian army is destroying major cities in Ukraine. They are also taking over major cities. The Ukrainians are afraid of a nuclear disaster from power plants being se on fire. The bridges and roads are being destroyed. The Ukrainian people are getting low on food, clean water, medicine and electricity. Thousands have left their homes to find a safe place in other countries.

So many innocent people including children’s are losing their live. It is sad that countries can’t get along. Destroying another country is the worse thing that a president could do. Being greedy and evil makes people do unthinkable things. How could you not think about all the lives that are being taken? How could you not care about babies and children? This makes me think about our country. Are we safe from war? Are we able to taken over like Ukraine? Can our military protect us?

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