The White House and Social Media

Recently, it has been all over the news about the new Twitter hashtag #AskObama. What is #Ask Obama and how is social media playing a role in Barack Obama’s presidency? Not only has Barack Obama been on Facebook, but also Twitter.  He made something that is called #AskObama.  With this, you can ask Obama questions about things such as the economy and jobs. For example, one of the questions was about budget cuts in order to help reduce our national debt. The answer to this question was, “Should we cut subsidies to industries which are no longer in crisis or are unsuccessful, such as  cotton, oil, corn subsidies from ethanol?”

The White House has been doing all of this social media for the solid reason of getting people to follow and to understand what the president is all about. It persuades people and enables them to have a better understanding of the presidential views and then hopefully support the views.

I feel that since our president has a Twitter,  he can be more involved with the world. Most young people have Twitters and tweet daily. Young teens are our future. In order to get more in tune with what is going on in the world, they need to be able to ask questions on things that they are interested in knowing. Someone could even ask a question as broad as “why should I pick you for president?”


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