MLB World Series Underway

The first game of the MLB World series is happening today between the Houston Astros and the Atlanta Braves. The Braves had to defeat the Los Angles Dodgers which they did in 6 games winning 4-2. The Astros had to beat the Boston Red Sox, and they also won in 6 games winning 4-2. The Astros has won 7 more games on the season so they are the favorites going into the game.

The Astros won the World Series back in 2017 but there were lots of other teams and players accusing them of cheating during the games and knowing the catchers calls. So lots of people discredit them winning it all and beating the Dodgers that year. This year they hope to take another win but this time not have any scandals so they can prove that they deserve the title.

The first game of the series is to played tonight 10/26 at 8:09. The game is at the Minute Made Park in Houston so they also have the home advantage going into the first game. Framber Valdez the left handed pitcher is starting for the Astros who has a 4.2 ERA with 13 strikeouts. The Braves are starting  Charlie Morton who has a 3.77 ERA with 19 strikeouts who has been playing better, but we won’t know until the game.

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