The Wright Mission

Uniontown High School Senior Hannah Wright went on a missionary trip this past December to Petit Guave in Haiti. She stayed there for a week with her hosts Eddie and Sanvil. Hannah’s parents have gone to Haiti multiples times but this was her first time going and actually experiencing the life of the Haitian people. Hannah’s father works with The Family of Faith Church and has provided direct help to some of the less fortunate people of Haiti.

During Hannah’s stay she worked with an orphanage that her family maintains. It houses 12 orphans, a local Haitian Nurse, Hannah and her mother. Together they ran a clinic for a week. They provided basic medical care and eyeglasses to the people. They also brought additional supplies such as clothes and medicines which they distributed to those in need. I asked Hannah what she thought the best part of the trip was and she replied, “Getting to see the lives day in and day out of how the Haitian people had to live. The fact that they didn’t know when their last meal would come but to still share and help anyone, even if they had nothing. It’s a humbling and enriching experience.”

Hannah hopes to go back to Haiti after she graduates college with her nursing degree, and open a medical clinic which will provide low cost care for Haitians; while providing jobs for some of their graduate nursing students. Hannah plans to return in November of this year, while her father plans to return in the spring. The Wright family is also taking donations which will benefit the Haitian people.

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