Tips to Stay on Track While Learning Online

Going from learning in a classroom to learning at home online can be quite overwhelming, and staying on task can be very troubling for some. With these simple tips and tricks online schooling can be successful.

First, you need to make sure you are in a calm and quiet room. I know this can be hard if you have younger siblings, but you can always put your headphones on and listen to your favorite songs while studying or doing homework.

Second, you need to stay organized. It’s easy to procrastinate and then forget your homework due dates. You could write in a planner or make your own planner to track your assignments, test, and quizzes. You also could add assignment reminders to the calendar on your computer.

Finally, you absolutely need to stay motivated. I know it can be very easy to just try and lose yourself in front of video games but you need to make sure that your assignments are done first. If you have a favorite video game, show, movie, or YouTube channel you should make a plan and set a goal for yourself. If you get all your assignments done, then you can watch whatever you want. Maybe you have a favorite snack. You could study for an hour or two and then enjoy your favorite snack afterwards as a reward. I hope these tips help you survive online school. Good luck!

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