Tips for Underclassmen

As a senior I think it’s only right to share my knowledge about what it takes to get through high school. I am going to share my best tips for excelling at Uniontown area high school. I have tips for social and educational.

When coming to the high school the best decision you can make is to join a sports team. The summer before my freshman year I joined cross country. I ran with them all summer and made a lot of friends so it made coming to the high school less scary. Once you get to the high school you can branch out and meet more friends. I think it is very important to find a core group of friends and stick with them. When meeting new people I think it is best to just remember that they are feeling the exact same nervousness that you are.

When it comes to getting good grades there are a few tips and tricks I have learned. Most importantly staying on top of assignments, the further you get behind the more intimidating the work becomes. If you stay on top of that you will never get behind. My second step is to just talk to your teachers, not necessarily become a teachers pet. Having a good relationship with your teachers will make all your classes easier. Being able to reach out to teachers and ask exactly what they want from you and what they expect is so very important. These two tips have helped me excel at Uniontown high school.

And also don’t be afraid to be friends with and ask older students in upper classes for advice. We were freshman and sophomore’s once and want to share our advice.

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