Tips When You Fall Behind

Many students are overwhelmed trying to balance work, classes, and major amounts of homework. At some point students start to fall behind with assignments and class work. But don’t fret because we have some effective tips on how to catch up and save your grade.

First, you need to do all of your current work for that day in class. You don’t want to fall behind on your current work by trying to catch up on your late work. It’s a never ending cycle and you will not get caught up. So try to stay on top of class work.

Once this is done, you need to make a list of all the assignments you missed. This will help to organize your thoughts and establish your next plan of action. We recommend that you do the assignment that is the hardest/ most points, first. We know that you may not want to, but you should use your energy on something that will raise your grade. You can do smaller assignments when you get a chance.

If you feel like the work is too overwhelming, please get in touch with your teacher. If you were absent you could always ask for an extension. Even if you were not absent at least make it known to your teacher that you are struggling and need their help. Reaching out to other students can also help to reduce stress and feel less alone.

Lack of motivation is a major cause of students falling behind in school. If you have low motivation we suggest that you dedicate your time to certain assignments and if you don’t finish the rest that day, then tomorrow is another day. Lastly, remember, that turning something in, even if it is not perfect, is better than nothing. Getting that 50% is better than getting a zero. Any little bit helps and we hope you still continue to fight for that good grade.

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