Tomahawk Tips: Study Strategies

At least once a semester, I believe everyone has a test that completely puzzles them. I have noticed that on these tests, it seems like the teacher gives you half as much time to know double the material! A lot of people that I know wait until the last minute to study and they are up all night and dead the next morning and the unlucky ones failed the test as a result. I know we all have busy lives with school, work and activities but we also need to make time to study every night. It is better to study a little every night while the section is fresh in your mind so the material is in your long term memory. If you cram at the last minute, it is possible that the material will stay in your short term memory and you may not remember it for the test.

Also when you are studying, you should be somewhere well-lit and comfortable. Avoid studying in your room as much as possible because that five minute “cat nap” you wanted to take may turn into you falling asleep for the night.

Make sure you have ALL of your material for the test you are taking in front of you so you do not leave anything out. DO NOT try to just memorize everything. Understand the concept first, then memorize.

Start out by studying the most important information and take short breaks often. Your brain remembers what you start studying and end studying with, not so much what you study in the middle. So, when you start and stop often, you are more likely to remember everything.

One oldie but goodie for studying would be to make flash cards for those pesky definitions that we have to know. Listening to soothing music on a low volume can help relieve some of the boredom of studying and it can also help to  relieve some of the stress from your day.


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