Tomahawk Tips: Your Music Mood

Did you know that it has been scientifically proven that music affects your mood and how you react to situations?  If your stressing about upcoming tests or a big game, place your favorite CD into a player, blast your iPod, or turn up the speakers in your car.

According to the Psychology Press music is a complex acoustic and temporal structure that induces a large variety of emotional responses in listeners.  The nature of emotions created by music has been a matter of much debate. Preliminary practical investigations have demonstrated that basic emotions, such as happiness, anger, fear, and sadness, can be recognized in and created by musical stimuli in humans.

I know from experience that when I am in a bad mood, I’ll listen to my favorite CD.  I don’t know what it is about the music but it just makes me feel better almost instantly.  All of you have that CD or song that make you feel great when you’re feeling down.  Music has that power and none of us realize that until we really think about it.  The physical affects that music has on us is almost the same as the emotional ones.

Music can alter you in many ways, depending on the genre of music you are being exposed to.  According to “Music and Emotions”, Electronic music with amplified sounds that stresses such musical parts as brass, percussion and heavy bass notes will physically affect you more easily than any other type of music.  Certain types of music can give you courage and strengthen your willpower, while other types can relax your nerves and muscles and relieve tension.

So honestly music is very influential.  We don’t realize it, but it is.  Your parents, teachers, friends might not agree with your music, but it may be helpful to you?  Be you, music is a way to control your mood and express yourself.  What’s your music mood?


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