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There’s a lot of people who really enjoy anime. Some enjoy action, some enjoy romance, other enjoy odd. So, this is a top 10 anime’s 1 being the best and 10 being the worst. These are my opinions and I’d be glad to hear yours or if I missed any. Also, there will be spoilers.

In the 10th spot we have Attack on Titan. I didn’t get to far in this, it was maybe three episodes in and I was very bored. Potato girl was the only part I found funny.

In 9th we have Vampire Knight. This anime wasn’t very memorable other then when two siblings got married. This was about vampires and humans going to school together and this vampire falling for this human girl but he was a half blood or something. It was good but not memorable.

Good old 8th we have The Snow White With the Red Hair. This was a short anime but I really liked it a lot. It’s about a prince and an herbalist. It was funny and cute anime I have watched it twice.

In 7th is Kamisama Kiss. I love this anime but the quality is nothing compared to the higher places. This anime was really funny but also sweet I really enjoyed watching Tomaway and Nomami fall for each other and I’m unsure but I think they get married, which is awesome.

Now for 6th Prison School. Oh my this anime we really weird but it made me and my friends die laughing. It makes my granny seem sane. This anime is good for a laugh but not for the family.

We’re half way there, oh oh living on 5th is Rosario + Vampire. This was the first anime I truly watched and those I’ve found better I still really enjoyed this anime. It had lots of action well still being funny. I haven’t watched it since it was taken off Netflix, but I want to watch it again.

For 4th we have Noragami. This was the second anime I watched and it was funny. Yato is a character for sure. It’s a well balanced anime. There’s the fun happy moments, then the Yato being down on himself moments, this Yato missing Hyori it’s really cool and I’ve watched it more then twice.

In 3rd we have A little sisters all you need. Now, here me out if we get passed the weirdness of the plot. This isn’t a bad anime, weird yes bad no. After telling my friend about it he refused to watch it, fair enough, but after forcing him to watch it he agreed it’s weird but not bad. It worth a watch.

For 2nd we have Food Wars. Again weird anime, but it’s never boring. I can never remember the names but Soma I thinks his name guy with the red hair, he’s just confidence on confidence which never fails to make me laugh. Also, don’t watch this anime hungry the food looks awesome.

Now there’s obviously honorable mentions. For 10th we have Glitter Force. It’s just impossible to watch. For 5th we have Black Clover. I haven’t gotten fully into this anime but Im already very interested in it. For 8th Black Butler. It’s good at first but then the show kinda gets bored the longer it went.

Now for 1st place, I’d say drumroll but this is typed TORADORA! This is my favorite because it has the surprise ending that makes you wanna watch it again. The way the group changes and the random stuff they get into. I have watched this anime more then I would like to admit. I could probably tell you what happens episode by episode. I even got my friends girlfriend into it.

Theses are my 10 ten anime’s. Again my options but I’d like to heard yours.

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