Top 10 Dog Breeds

This top 10 is gonna be fun. There’s a lot of honorable mentions. Now, in this world there are cat people, dog people, people who hate animals, and the superior of them all the ones who love any and all animals. We have a long list, so let’s get into it, 1 being the best 10 being, not the worst just other breeds are higher on the list. Let’s be clear I would get any of the dogs on this list.

In 10th is Chihuahua. These little balls of hate, just wanna watch the world burn.

In 9th place we got Poodles. These guys are fluffy monsters. They will eat you if you not carful, though very cute they can be very crazy. Their also a lot of work.

Sitting happily in 8th we have Rottweiler. Their lovable but need a lot of training.

Waiting for a treat in 7th we have Golden Retriever. You see them everywhere and their adorable, but their a mess and a half. They usually love water so that means pool or a lot of bath time. Plus their little characters.

Dancing in 6th is Italian Greyhound. These guys are just derpy, and lost.

Wanting to be fed in 5th is Basset Hound. Their small little legs are just adorable. Their so stubby, and just don’t make sense.

Death glaring in 4th is Beagle. This is my friends favorite dog breed. He loves their floppy ears and wants on. Their ears are amazing.

Being better then you in 3rd is Husky. Husky’s are just so fluffy, and they might actually kill you with how much fluffy they truly have.

Sassing you in 2nd is PitBull. They get a bad rep for their past, yes. But all they want is someone to put them in a onesie and hug them.

Now for honorable mentions. I’m not listing every single dog breed. Just some of my favorites. For 10th we got Yorkshire Tarrier. I’ve met one, she was just a smaller ball of hate compared to the Chihuahua, but could put up a fight for who craves murder more. For 3rd we got Swedish Vallhund. Their like Husky wiener dogs. Their stubby long boys and I love them. For 7th we got Shih Tzu. Now, I don’t know why but I feel like if you have this dog, it’s not your pet, you are it’s pet. I just think their dog always looks superior to it owner not mater what.

Now for best boy trophy in 1st Is a Potato-wait typo-Pug! This breed has to be my most favorite. I love how they just perfectly form into a chubby potato. I love them, are they looking at you or their tail? Ha jokes on you, you’ll never truly know.

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