Top 10 Funniest Movies

Everyone likes funny movies. There are a lot of them out in the world. Some of them are okay, but some of them are some of the best. I went around and asked a few people what their favorite funny movies are, and in no particular order this is what they said.

1.) Ted – Although it’s very inappropriate for younger kids, it’s a pretty funny movie. It’s about a guy, John Bennett, that when he was younger he wished his cuddly teddy bear (Ted) would come to life. Ted did just that. 30 years later Ted is still thriving, very much alive and is still Johns best friend.

2.) The Wrong Missy – This movie is just a pretty goofy movie. A man was supposed to take his ” dream girl ” on an island resort. Craziness begins when he accidentally invites a blind date he had previously had. This girl that he brings is just something else.

3.) A Haunted House – This one is just too funny. It’s about a young couple, Malcolm and Kisha. They just moved into their dream home. It’s a pretty big house. They shortly discover the house is haunted and his girlfriend Kisha is “possessed” by a “demon”.

4.) Any Madea Movie – Any one of the Madea movies are just hilarious. Madea is a character both made up and played by Tyler Perry. One of the favorites though is A Madea Family Funeral.

5.) Bridesmaids – This movie is about a women Annie, whose life is a mess. When she finds out her childhood best friend is engaged. She has no choice but to serve as her maid of honor.

6. ) Step Brothers – I don’t know why but this movie is so funny to me. It is about step brothers Brennon and Dale. Their parents treat them like children when they are actually pretty older. They do a lot of goofy things to make the movie a lot funnier. I think a lot of people have watched Step Brothers, it’s just like one of those movies that everyone knows.

7.). Little Man – This movie is about a short little criminal, and when I say short I mean short short. He is a midget. He steals a diamond, then someone steals it from him. He then has to pose as an infant to get the diamond back. This movie is just too funny. There was this one scene where he gets out of the car and stands outside the passenger side door. His passenger opens the door, and Calvin is so short that the passenger doesn’t see him so when he opens the door and he hits Calvin and the little guy just falls over.

8.) Daddy Day Care – This movie is a about a couple, the mother goes to her regular 9-5 job, while the husband ( Charlie ) stays at home and watched the kids with a little help from his friend. Charlie and his friend decides to start a day care center and had many kids enroll very quickly. It begins to be a lot with a bunch of little feet running around.

9.) White Chicks – This movie is a classic. Two FBI agents accidentally mess up a drug bust. They end up with a punishment they are forced to escort two socialites to the Hamptons to use as bait for a kidnapper. Once the girls found out their little plan, they refused to go. So the FBI agents were forced to pose as the sisters.

10.) Sleep Over – It’s the summer before high school, Julie and her best friends, Hannah, Yancy, and Farrah have a slumber party. They decide that they are going to use the night and come out of their shell and get rid of their nerdy reputation. They end up having a scavenger hunt with the ” popular ” girls. They do a whole bunch of stuff, including sneaking into a club. They do all of these things all without trying to get caught my Julie’s mother.

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