Top 10 Horror Movies

Everyone like to watch horror movies. But there are some that are more scary than others. So here’s a list of movies, 10 being the worst 1 being the best, and where the rank.

In 10th we have Chucky. Literally any Chucky movie has either made me laugh or just annoys me. How many movies do you truly need before you realize you should just punt him into a bon fire, or call a priest.

9th has arrived with The Ring. This movie has so many thinks wrong with it. A) Why didn’t you just ya know destroy the stupid tape.B) Why on earth would you show people. C)Why leave it were your sun can reach it? I have unruly hate for this movie.

In 8th we got Insidious. I watched this movie with my friend and sister. The soul reason this made it to 8th is shadow people alone. I have a high fear of them and this movie is were they dwell. Other then that it was drawn out a boring.

For good old 7th we have The Messengers. I was unable to finish this movie till I was 17. But not because it was scary it’s because I watched it when I was 6 and couldn’t finish it do to being a snotty nose wimp at 6. But I quit like it and it’s not even scary.

For 6th we have The night of the living dummy. No this isn’t a movie but it was one of the scariest episodes of goosebumps. I loved it others said it scared them but It made the list had to make the list.

Onto 5th we have It. This movie was beyond a yawn. I didn’t finish the first movie let alone the remake. I will someday have to just to say I did, but it was boring.

In 4th we have the Seasoning house. This movie was messed up on many levels and if I knew it was R rated I wouldn’t have watched it at 12.

Lovely 3rd is housing Coraline. Though this movie isn’t scary it is creepy all the way threw. It makes you a tad uneasy for the most part.

In 2nd chillin is The Lazarus Experiment. I found this movie on accident. This movie was mostly jump scares if I remember correctly. But I really enjoyed it.

In 1st we have Halloween. This movie made little 8 year old me doing homework cry. I haven’t watched it since but it was the only movie to make me fear my basement.

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