Top 10 Movies you forgot about

We all have movies we watched but haven’t seen in many years. Well I’m here to remind you of these movies and bring all that nostalgia back. Let’s get started, 1 being the best forgotten movie and 10 being the movie that deserves to be forgotten.

The movie that should stay forgotten in 10th is A Bugs Life. This movie from what I can remember is the most boring and drawn out movie to ever exist. I watched it once and it brought me pain. Now the question rains, was it forgotten or this chose to not e remembered?

The movie that at least should be remembered in 9th is A Goofy movie. I’ve always liked this movie, it bright and fun. Some choose to forget it but I really liked this movie.

In 8th we have Treasure Island. I watched this so long ago, I actually forgot it existed. I haven’t watched it as of recently, the last I had to have seen it was 7.

Chillin in 7th is Clueless. Young young kid don’t remember this movie. I really like it, it can get a little annoying but I really enjoyed it.

Hanging in 6th is Freaky Friday. Not remade ones, the first original Lindsay. I loved this movie.

In 5th we have Sharpay’s Fabulous Adventure. I watched this movie a couple weeks ago, and I still like it. Sharpay shows herself as less selfish in this movie and we love character growth.

Now in 4th we have Starstruck. I like this movie but at the same time it’s a little drawn out, and the girl kinda gets annoying.

In 3rd we have Girl vs Monster. I’ve always loved this movie. It’s action, music, and stupid. The perfect mix.

In 2nd we have GeekCharming. This a movie that slips into my mind nearly on a daily basis. I just like the fun, bright annoying characters.

In 1st we have Silent Voice. This is an anime, technically. But it awesome and it’s probably my favorite movie. My friend is also hooked in it and I hear at least once a week about him being angry over the ending. It’s great.

That’s my list I hope you enjoyed, it’s my opinion but I’d enjoy hearing yours.

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