Top 10 TV Shows on Netflix

Most people like watching television and during quarantine, many found more time to binge watch their favorite shows. Although it is hard to find a good show to actually watch and get into. Some people are very picky with the shows that they like to watch. These are 10 of my friends and my favorite TV shows. In no particular order, here they are:

1.) Grey’s Anatomy – This is a medical drama series. It focuses on young doctors at Seattle Grace Mercy West Hospital. They begin their career at the facility as interns. One of the young doctors, the one that the show is named after, Meredith Grey is the daughter of a famous surgeon.

2.) The Vampire Diaries – This series is a supernatural teen drama. The show is based off a book with the same name, written by L.J. Smith. There are a bunch of vampires, werewolves, witches, things that don’t exist in the real world.

3.) Jane the Virgin – The daughter of a teen mother, Jane Villanueva is set on not repeating her mothers mistakes. At the age of 23 her life was all on track, she is studying to be a teacher and she’s engaged to a detective. Jane plans on saving herself for marriage. She went on a routine gynecologist visit, and it completely rearranges the plans she had for her future. She had been accidentally artificially inseminated. She quickly finds out that she is pregnant, and soon learns that the baby’s father is her boss, Rafael Salono.

4.) Young & Hungry – A young food blogger, Gabi Diamond, is desperate for a job. When she finds out that a young wealthy tech entrepreneur, Josh is looking for a new personal chef. Gabi wants the position. Gabi must prove herself to Josh’s aide, Elliot, who would rather have his boss hire a famous chef.

5.). Ginny & Georgia – Ginny is a teenage girl that can’t get settled into a new place because her mother like to hop around from place to place. They move to a small town, and for some reason it’s different for Ginny. She branches out and meets a group of friends and is welcomed into their friend group. Ginny even gets her first boyfriend. She soon finds out her mom is a little bit crazy, and on the very last episode she is seen leaving town on a motorcycle with her little brother with nothing more than a book bag.

6.) Virgin River – This series is about a Nurse Practitioner, Melinda. She moves to a small town in Northern California. She goes here to start fresh. She is soon surprised on who and what she finds.

7.) Good Girls – Sisters Beth, Annie, and their best friend, Ruby get fed up with following every rule and not getting the respect they deserve. They band together and take control over their lives. They end up robbing their local grocery store. They plan a heist to make their financial burdens go away. They soon get pulled into the game of crime a lot deeper than they ever anticipated too.

8.) You – A brilliant young bookstore manager crosses paths with an aspiring young female writer. The bookstore manager develops a creepy crush on her. She starts stalking her. He uses social media and the internet to find out everything about her. He is determined to get close to her, including removing anyone who gets in his way.

9.) Orange is the New Black – Piper Chapman is a public relations executive with a career and a finance. Her past suddenly catches up to her. She is in her mid 30s when she is sentenced to spend time in a minimum security women’s prison in Connecticut for her association with a drug runner 10 years earlier. She makes her way through the correction system and adjust to her life behind bars.

10.) One Day At a Time – This is a comedy- drama series. The show follows Penelope, a newly single army veteran. She is a nurse and is raising two strong willed children.

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