Track Season Cancelled: A Runners Perspective

On April 9th Tom Wolf closed all of the schools in Pennsylvania for the rest of the year, and soon after, the PIAA cancelled all spring sports and winter championships, including track and field.

Everyone that I know on the team was pretty devastated, there were several people who couldn’t wait to start practicing, there was one point that people were scheduling group runs just to cushion the blow of quarantine. I know from experience, that getting up to move after being crushed is difficult, and getting motivation to do anything isn’t easy, but after dragging yourself to do anything it starts to get ever so slightly easier, because the hardest step is always the hardest. the steps gradually easier and easier over time but for now we fight through the struggle of doing anything

In the end we all have been having issues adjusting, and are doing our best day by day. but hopefully soon everyone can get over this and we can go back to school.


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