UAHS Scheduling Week 2022-2023

With this school year coming to an end, scheduling for next school year is already here! By now you should have gotten a scheduling packet, which was distributed on the week of April 4th, 2022. Freshman, Sophomores, and Juniors get to pick their classes for the upcoming year. Students will report to their scheduling session in the cafeteria as assigned. Scheduling will start on April 19th, and go through till April 22nd.

Here is the schedule for selecting classes:

  • April 19 – 8:37-10:05 am – Juniors with last names A-K
  • April 19 – 9:25-10:05 am – Juniors with last names L-Z
  • April 20 – 8:37-10:05 am – Sophomores with last names A-K
  • April 20 – 9:25-10:05 am – Sophomores with last names L-Z
  • April 22 – 8:37-10:05 am – Freshman with last names A-K
  • April 22 – 9:25-10:05 am – Freshman with last names L-Z

Luckily for the seniors out there, you do not have to schedule. Instead, you get to think more about your future and what you are going to do after High School!

With the scheduling days aside, the request portal will be open from April 4th through May 6th. It is best to get the requests in as soon as possible, because spots fill up quick in classes. A good tip is to challenge yourself and take Honor or AP classes so it looks good for colleges. The scheduling link can be found on the UASD website. Take this time to look over classes so you have a good idea before you enter the cafeteria on your scheduling day.

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