The runners who have made it to the WPIAL had their race yesterday. The boy runners were Mason Stewart, Leyton Maust, James Stanton, Grant Barcheck, Tanner Uphold, Payton Hostetler, and Brandon Hebda. The two alternates were Dalton Grimes and Titan Livingood. The boys got 5th place out of 40 teams. The race for third race was real as the 3rd to 6th place teams finished within 16 points. Despite all of this the boys ran hard

The girl runners were Hope Trimmer, Emily Angelo, Lydia Stanton, Ryleigh Kelly, Addy Martin, Isabelle Jones, and Zaya Mccune. The alternates were Grace Trimmer and Olivia Murtha. The girls got 8th place out of 40 teams. Which is very extremely good considering they were ranked 15th.

Although the teams did not advance, we have four students who are going to states! Two girls, Hope Trimmer, with 3rd place and a time of 20:06, and Emily Angelo, with 22nd place and a time of 22:06. Two boys, Mason Stewart, with 18th place and a time of 18:11, and Leyton Maust, with 23rd place and a time of 18:22. Great job to the boys and girls teams!

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