UHS Baseball Team

The Uniontown Boys baseball team has been a part of Uniontown High school since 1947. Red Raiders home is at the amazing bailey park field and the head coach of the Team is Ken Musko. Ken Musko has been coach since 2013/2014 baseball season and has done a very good job with the program. The Uniontown Baseball team has a varsity and junior varsity team. The last season wasn’t the best but it also wasn’t the worst the team went 4-11 which put them 450th in the state rank.

I think we are all hoping for a better baseball season this year and we all know the team has the talent to accomplish so much they just have to put it all together. And with COVID-19 last year we had a lot of players that were unable to play. There was a lot of students in general, not just athletes, that struggled with the online schooling and we also had to stay healthy so that COVID-19 did not interrupt the season. The baseball team remembers that fondly back in the 2020 when the baseball season got shut down due to a covid-19 case at the high school and the student was in contact with someone on the team.

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