UHS Cheer Coaches UMS Cheer

Zoey Jenkins, a sophomore cheerleader at UHS, helps coach the middle and elementary school teams. She also dances at Cheryl Frost Dance Studio and is a competitive cheerleader at Rock N Rolls. Mrs. Deb is the adult advisor and handles all the uniforms and fundraiser activities. After Zoey’s last year in middle school Mrs. Deb had asked her if she wanted to help out with coaching.

During the time that Zoey was asked to help out as she was going through problems with her knee and having surgeries. Zoey said “Since I wasn’t allowed to be active myself it was nice to still have something to do and something to look forward to. It honestly brightened my mood and lifted my spirits when I was going through a hard time.” She wanted to help out because she loves cheerleading and wants to always be involved with it. She also enjoys to help people, even if they don’t always want her help she always tries to do her best to better her cheerleaders.

Mrs. Deb had said she wanted Zoey to help since when she was on her team she was always dedicated, hardworking, and had great leadership skills.

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