UHS Cheer Coaches

Mrs. Kribel was the UHS cheer coach up until last year. She was looking for responsible people to take over the job. She said she didn’t necessarily choose the new cheer coaches, but she encouraged them to do it because she felt they were good for the position. “It was a lot to handle. It was very time consuming and I had taken on other responsibilities. I also thought that someone younger, energetic, and that was actively in cheerleading would make the squad better.” Mrs. Kribel stated. Ella and Christina are the girls that took over the cheer team. They both were students and cheerleaders at UHS.

One of the former student and cheerleaders that took over the cheer team is Ella Sepesy. Ella said her interest in coaching had sparked from her love of being a Uniontown cheerleader. She had said that cheer was the best part of her high school career and she wanted to give other girls the same amazing expierences. Outside of being a coach Ella is a field accountant/administration for Williams Energy. She is also working on her bachelor’s degree in business from California University. On her free time she enjoys decorating her house and spending time with her chihuahua Henry.

Christina Hebda is also a former student and cheerleader at UHS. Cheerleading has always been a big part of Christina’s life and she wanted to be involved in a school setting to get experience. Christina has cheered since she was young and she is still cheering today. She is a cheerleader and student at CAL U. Christina is studying early childhood education, hoping some day to be a teacher. Christina was also crowned CAL U’s homecoming queen. Christina and Ella were friends then and continue to be friends while they work alongside each other to make UHS full of school spirit!

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