UHS Chess Competition & Tournament

This is a chance for students to participate in a competitive intellectual environment. Any UHS student can participate. This activity will take place during lunches and homeroom in the cafeteria. It will start Tuesday, Sept. 10th and will end near the end of September. Chess sets will be made available during A lunch Tuesday’s, B lunch Wednesday’s, and C lunch Thursday’s the week of Sept 10 and 17. Students can also play in the pool during homeroom on Thursday’s. Tournament chess will start with all interested players on Sept. 24th.

The students will be playing Blitz or 10 minute maximum chess games. Each player keeps track of time take for each move. A player wins when they get checkmate or when their opponent runs out of time. There are a multitude of free apps for smart phones. If you don’t have one then we will use stop watches. Don’t forget to stop your clock at the end of your turn.

All games are to be started with no less than 10 minutes before their classes start. This ensures that the game will end before the lunch/homeroom period is over.

Additional information about chess can be obtained from Mr. Yauger who will be in your lunch on the previously mentioned dates. Specifics about how the tournament will be run will be posted soon!

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