UHS Dodgeball

The week leading up to Christmas break is undoubtedly the most exciting week of the school year, and Uniontown Area High School knows how to do it right. In addition to spirit weeks, contests and prizes Uniontown hosts a Dodgeball tournament to raise money for local charities.

This year students were assigned to put together teams of ten, each person purchasing a five dollar ticket, raising fifty dollars per team to go towards class fundraising. Our students know how to have a lot of fun with this, by choosing themes, team names and chants it helps to create a friendly competition and exciting atmosphere. We sat down with a couple students to ask what their favorite part of competing in the tournament was.

Madelyn Murtha- ”It was very refreshing to see our school finally continue a tradition that took a break for covid.”

Adena Rugola- ”I really enjoyed picking out a theme, and getting the guys to wear skirts. We may not have won the tournament but we were best dressed.”

Dalton Grimes- ” It was nice to be able to have fun with my friends before going on break.”

Dominic Scott- ”The friendly competition helped to bring our school together and I appreciated that.”

Avery Anderson- ”I wasn’t sure I was going to join a team at first, but after all of the talk about playing leading up to it, I joined a team and had a lot of fun.”

Brandon Hebda- ”Even though my team didn’t win best dressed, we still won in our hearts and that’s all that mattered. GO CARY!”

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