UHS Football First Loss of the 2021 Season

On September 2, 2021, Uniontown football team had an away game against Perry Traditional Highschool. The score was 34-0 with a outcome of Uniontown losing. They will host their next game this Friday against Carrick High school. That is a game Uniontown is supposed to win, but we will see. The game started off with the score 0-0 then Perry came out with a spark and went up 28-0 as the halftime score. The Red Raiders went in the locker room at halftime and got hyped up getting ready to come back out and score, but Perry thought otherwise. Perry came back out playing solid defense and made us punt. Perry Traditional scored their first possession. That made these score 34-0.

The rest of the game Perry did not score, we played good defense towards the end of the game. Why couldn’t we start off playing good defense? There was a running clock because they was up 30-0 points so we had to rush to try and score. We got our first first down of the game in like the 3rd quarter with Reese Jackson running the ball. If we had more time on the clock at the end of the 4th Quarter we could’ve scored. But, unfortunately we didn’t and we ended up not scoring, which is bad but we will do better next time. There was police everywhere when we walked in because we were in downtown Pittsburgh playing next to the Heinz Field.

We couldn’t even shake hands after the game, we had to take our helmets off and put them up as if we were waiving to them from a distance. Before we departed on the bus to leave the boosters gave our football team hoagies, Pringle’s, and a Gatorade. The police guards stood on our bus at the end of the game until we left and it was very intense. I believe if we play them again we will be in the game and not lose 34-0. If was our first game so we came out rusty.

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